Royal Marine Conviction Overturn? Questionable

‚Äč”The decision to refer Alexander Blackman’s case to the appeal court is partly based on new expert evidence relating to his mental state at the time of the offence.”
Thats the Headline on T.V. ect.

My thoughts.

Video was broadcasted over “U.K. Television” which has caught many peoples attention and the Ignorance from the Public is concerning. Most support to overturning.

The video showed a injured Individual/Rebel lying on floor gasping for last breaths of air while Marine say’s “you would do the same to us ect” the screen goes black or turns and the Marine say’s something along the lines of “shuffle that Mortar off” and “Just breached the convention lads” “Obviously keep it under wraps.”

Instant recognition of the wrong and the person recording obviously shares same opinion as me! It is Murder!

You make up your mind. 

Before the video footage maybe I would of leaned toward supporting one of my own Marines “from a Country prospect Not a Race.” But sadly IMO this was a rightly found. Conviction of Murder based on the Video alone wuld if been enough for me. Now arguing under Mental issues? for a overturn of conviction? Every Murderer could argue this and demand overturning. Why not? Some Murderers must have problems right? yes and they go to Hospitals. Just refer to “The Krays.”

Overturning is what I don’t understand. To Manslaughter? No way, That is Murder or Murder 2. Cat D wouldve been more on my mind and my Personal details as they will kill him in Prison for this. And now it has all been refreshed and for what? we will see but completely overturned sounds ridiculous!

Cat D or Mental Hospital.

Thats his options. Maybe thats the plan as they will kill him in dispersal “long term prisons.” 

“Most them people are never getting out and majority are Muslims”. Sadly Prison Officers will leak his Files too. His going to be doing that original sentence regardless. I guess he wants Hospital as no way this can be overturned. Overturned to what? Murder2 with same sentence? Hmm I think the only option is Hospital but Cat D more Important and his been in awhile so must be close to heading to D Cat.

Why is this mental thing only mentioned now and why is there no other Murderers getting overturning hearing ect? Some ones pulling strings. I bet Goverment are trying to Protect him. Doing a good job too as media has got Public support “Totaly undermined what his actially done.”

It is like big President killing little me. He and all the Goverment will do what it takes to get them off. Tbh the Goverment are behind the war to start with. They should go to Prison too. See people don’t tend to research. Like they don’t support Trump coming here yet its obvious weve been ruled by bad people and now we have some one decent take over. I wish the U.K. would do the same but ubtill people atop supporting BS we’re going to be controlled by these people forever.

Look at the state of the Hospitals, Drs, everything. The Country is a mess. We need a Trump to clear up all their crap! or better still open your mouth and Force them too. Lost your Job lately? had your House stolen off you?

Some one is allowing certain officials to have total control of Cities and occupying Companies seem to do what they are told. You can’t even try to start certain Business as they have total Control and some one with power all the way up is allowing it.

It would seem the U.K. is being squeezed for every Penny. Remember some 80% of Tax goes to Military which is another Interesting way to look at this Case.

Some ones pulling strings for this guy. He been in how many years now? On his way to D cat? and now his public with his full name and face? he starting a life sentence all over now. Back down the Block “Segregation Unit” for another how many years?

My message to him, you messed up. Get your self to Cat D as soons as possible before your killed. Just stupid as obviously got no chance of getting out. Complete Money burner and waste of time. Shouldve negotiated Cat D then overturn conviction and or negotiated your Prison Plan, got the best deal and gone Guilty.. Thousands of people doing life for lesser things. You even Run trial before this Mental thing. 

You are restarting a Life Sentence when this fails. Your best off accepting it and doing your Courses for D Cat and Parole. Wouldn’t be surprised if this Marine gets Broke out. The effort thats gone in to get it here is harder and Guaranteed fail. 

He has nothing to lose obviously but it is Blatent something is going on and I wonder what is is all about because there really pushing this. I can see a break out attempt. Remember he can come back with Harsher sentence. 

They can actually give him a longer Sentence. The Risks and all the strings pulled are a total waste of time but it is a great example of how the “Government” will try there hardest to save there own. Always the same watch Parliment. Its like Gang War with words. They are the biggest Gang. For him to go this route he ust really think he can get out. 

“I feel his wasted alot of time, exposed his field to what they get upto and how far they will go to protect each other.” I bet they change the law or laws been adjusted for this and if not soon will be to get him and people like him out while other Murderers will not be able to use it. 

“The create loop holes for there self.”

“Then change them when people of similar wealth click on.”

“The Rich don’t pay Tax.”

Trying to do what ever it takes to get him out after this long. Waste of time as you need to accept what youve done to even move on and do groups for Parole ect Instead you trying to pull string on something so Blatent. And now its Public.

“The people pulling strings.” Should go jail for trying to Harbor a Murderer. That simple.  

“Whats shocking is no one is even questioning any of it.” What if this Guy got it overturned and got out? You having him as a neighbour?

Whats sad is the public are supporting him. Are they going to argue the same for Lee Rigbys Killers? I dont think so but the rules must apply to them too! How it can even be overturned has dumb struck me.


Don’t think the actual killings live yet as it has just been live on Public T.V.
Well I thought I would add my bit on social media as this guy has alot of support “Im a bit outraged tbh”. Amazing how his even getting a hearing for “overturning” with that damning evidence is just shocking.

Maybe this could be a game changer but what about people in under “joint enterprise? There is also people who got 24 month I.P.P. sentences but have been in custody alot longer infact over 8 years longer is the norm for a 24-36 Month I.P.P. Prisoners.

Just the fact its at these Courts and on T.V. “preceived” in his favor is “shocking”.

People really are on this Marines side and totaly ignoring the blatently obvious “Murder!” Seems very racist “orientated” too. Like BREXIT peope are trying to stick together even though they know it is “wrong.” This Goverment is rigged with flaws of Illegal treatment of the poorest peope but they cover it up so you can not win a case. They make the laws to protect there self and theyl bend the laws and Rules for any Company backed by them. Lots of dirty Business in the U.K. but people so Ignorant. From Benefits to housing, Drs to Hospitals, Dentists to Police officers. Even Lawyers, They all want to make a quick buck and will bend the laws to there favor.

They create systems that are there to extort the public. You can’t get a fair trial or notging as they all get payed by same people so you are Guilty till proven Innocent unless your in there click  U.K. Goverment is run like a “Cartel.”

Ive said it for years. Police are the biggest Gang. Totaly Violate you here but pull a Gun on them and watch them pantys wet up..

Im a white Male and understand the sticking together game. Born and bread it the worst. Me my bros and sister was only white family attending my school and this was in the 80-90s. But I ain’t a racist. And I totaly understand there is good and bad in all races and species. Even objects, Food mother nature can be bad! But this is clear and cut for me.

Now if I had not seen the video? I would be on the fence.

I just thought this was interesting as I know many people who have received life sentences under the “joint enterprise scheme.” Cases were the killer has gone Guilty to get the other’s off as they genuinely wasn’t involved and or may have had a idea but never thought the Oerson was capable so thiught nothing of it. Got a few that are Most deffinately Manslaughter but all doing life, even Drivers, Family members ect all under the “joint enterprise scheme.” Even gone back on plea deals and found the co defendants Guilty with no hard Evidence. Just cell sites. Got one that shows received call 25m after at 10 miles away. Clearly not at the schene and may not even know and even if it is mentioned what if they think lies or get scared and dont want to call Police and have all that hassle and risk there very own life? They deserve life under joint enterprise? 

And this guy is up for overturning conviction onblatent Murder? and most the Public are so dumb there supporting it? Would they support Lee Rigbys Killers? Ok they done a Mortal Combat move, maybe they prefer it iver call of Duty. This Marine thought he was real life Call of Duty that can respawn. Did that Rebel respawn? “pun intended” but we have a hardcore Gamer Generation that really do want to play in real life mode!

Crown Prosecution still get a Murder conviction on joint enterprise. They don’t stick to there deals on these types of cases, they tend to dupe you into a conviction. Most times on a totaly BS story. 

Remember unless it is witnessed or clearly recorded who else really knows the truth? and how can you tell me or prove me Guilty of thinking such a way if they have no proof? 

I will end it on the later and say this “A GOOD STORY SELLS!!” but this one is really above the rest. This is the real trying to BS your way out of Murder and the people who have got it to this position already and the people who even accepted it for consideration of overturning “clearly” are taking advavtage of the powers and doing what ever it takes to get this guys conviction overturned.

He should never be able to get a hearing like this. Not woth damning evidence like this
May have to google for actual killing. Its only just been released. Can understand the argument but every other killer could argue the same. I understand the job ect but people like this among us? Imagine if he pulled that “what you looking at bs” and you try fight him and he straight kills you?

His a killer sorry.

Guaranteed to be killed in Prison. All this publicity has shown every war criminal and muslim his face. Solitary confinement for a long time.


Will udate results.