Site created to give people the truth and make them aware.

Created this site to make people aware of certain things in the UK. Be it Hospitals, Councils, Goverments, Drs, Dentists ectect.

I have traveled up and down the Country and seen the state of it. We have a Race and Culture issue with in the larger City’s.

Im from multi culture back grounds and see things for what they are. I also know how it feels to be treated like a foreigner as this is how you are treated in smaller Citys, They seem to think they have something to prove, people in power will also do it, Drs, Nurses, Hospitals, Jobcentres, Councils ectect.

I could go on all day. I will try to keep everything interesting aswel as share my opinion on the situation. I base my opinions on facts and always interested in others views/opinions so feel free to follow and I will follow back!

Take care!

Its a big bad world!